Partner Type:

  • Technical integration


  • Administrative System
  • Professional Development
  • Assessment
  • Blended Learning
  • Adaptive Learning
  • College to Career
  • Assignment
  • Application Management
  • Learning/Certification
  • Online Courses/Tutoring
  • Data and Analytics
  • Learning Management System


  • Higher education
  • Secondary education

Microsoft 365

Now more than ever your students deserve equitable access to technology. To help, Microsoft Education provides schools with solutions, technologies and education expertise to accelerate opportunities for all learners. Windows 11 devices work with or without an internet connection, protect against online threats, and have inclusive, built-in solutions that help each student achieve their potential.

Microsoft 365 Education offers school leaders, teachers, IT staff and students the software solutions they need to improve learning outcomes, fuel classroom efficiencies, achieve goals, and save time and money.

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