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NetTutor Online Tutoring

Link-Systems International (LSI) is a leading provider of technology and technology-enhanced services to educators in order to improve the quality of education and training, ensure student success and retention, and provide affordable education to students, workers, and their families. We help academic institutions create and implement sustainable, affordable, and accessible solutions that positively impact student success—with measurable gains in persistence, retention, and completion rates. We partner with more than 1,000 academic institutions and learning companies around the world.

Our award-winning online student service solutions include:
• NetTutor – professional tutoring service
• Pisces® – meeting hub (and NetTutor platform)
• Sofia™ – math and English homework system

Our mission is to help students learn.

"NetTutor provides 24/7 live and asynchronous writing tutoring. Students often make mistakes when citing their sources; our tutors know that this is unintentional plagiarism. Turnitin's similarity score draws attention to the need for the tutor to discuss the importance of proper citation and format with the student. Together, Turnitin and NetTutor are champions for student success!"

Vincent Forese

President & CEO, Link-Systems International, Inc.